Washable Hvac Filters

washable hvac filters

  • (esp. of fabric or clothes) Able to be washed without shrinkage or other damage

  • capable of being washed without injury; "washable woolens"; "acrylic blankets are both warm and washable"

  • (washables) laundry: garments or white goods that can be cleaned by laundering

  • (Washability) Ease with which washing will remove dirt from the paint's surface without causing damage.

  • A device for suppressing electrical or sound waves of frequencies not required

  • (filter) remove by passing through a filter; "filter out the impurities"

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  • A porous device for removing impurities or solid particles from a liquid or gas passed through it

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  • (filter) device that removes something from whatever passes through it

  • The term used to refer to the mechanical systems which heat, cool, filter or dehumidify air in a room or building. An example of an alternative HVAC system would be Ground Source Heat. For more information on Ground Source Heat click here.

  • The general industry term encompassing a variety of home comfort equipment, including air conditioners, furnaces, thermostats, filters, ductwork and filters.

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

washable hvac filters - Filtrete 310DC-6

Filtrete 310DC-6 Dust Reduction Filters, 300 MPR, 12 x 12 x 1, 6-Pack

Filtrete 310DC-6 Dust Reduction Filters, 300 MPR, 12 x 12 x 1, 6-Pack

"FILTRETE" HVAC FILTER * Dust reduction * Size in.: 12 x 12 * The filtrete dust reduction filter attracts and captures household dust and is ideal for high-velocity equipment * Performs better than ordinary fiberglass and washable 1" filters * For residential use only.

The Filtrete 300 MPR dust reduction filter not only vastly improves the air quality in your home, it also keeps your air conditioning and heating systems running efficiently, saving on utilities and maintenance costs. The electrostatic filter attracts and captures airborne dust, pollen, and other large-particle contaminants to keep surfaces in your home clean and dust-free longer. With each pass through the specially pleated filter, the air in your living space improves, making for a healthier home environment. This high-performance filter outperforms comparable non-electrostatic fiberglass and washable and reusable one-inch filters.
At a Glance

300 MPR Dust
Reduction Filter
At a Glance:

Electrostatic filter attracts and captures large particles, including dust and pollen

Improves air quality by cleaning air with each pass through the filter

Keeps your furnace or air conditioner running efficiently

Outperforms comparable fiberglass and washable/reusable filters

Pack includes six filters

At a Glance

Filtrete dust reduction 300 MPR
By removing dust from the air, the filter also reduces strain on your furnace and air conditioner, helping to keep them running efficiently (view larger).
Electrostatic Design Captures More Particles
The 3M dust reduction filter is made with both positively charged and negatively charged fibers that act like tiny magnets to attract air-polluting contaminants. Since particles in the air are either positively or negatively charged, they are attracted to and captured by the filter and kept out of your living space.
Electrostatic filters, including the 3M dust reduction filter, perform better than comparable non-electrostatic fiberglass and washable/reusable filters, because they attract and capture the small, allergy-aggravating microparticles that non-electrostatic filters can't.
Improves Indoor Air Quality
With indoor air a surprising two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, the 3M dust reduction filter can make a difference in maintaining a healthier home environment by cleaning air with each pass through the filter.
Ideal for capturing large particles from the air, including household dust and pollen, the 3M dust reduction filter features a 300 Microparticle Performance Rating (MPR).
Improves Efficiency
This dust reduction filter also keeps your heating and air conditioning equipment working efficiently by removing dirt and reducing strain on the motor. It is recommended that you change the filter every three months. However, the effectiveness and life of the filter can vary and depend on the individual conditions in your home.
About Filtrete Air Filters
For nearly 25 years, Filtrete filters have delivered cleaner air to millions of homes, becoming a leader in residential air filtration. Developed by 3M engineers to help capture airborne allergens, the Filtrete filter media is electrostatically charged to act like tiny magnets to attract and capture microscopic particles from the air as it passes through the filter. Today, a dedicated technical team continues to develop innovative filtration solutions for around the home, including air cleaning filters, room air purifiers, and water filtration products.
What's in the Box
Pack of six 3M 300 MPR dust reduction filters.

Filtrete Air Filtration Products
Elite Allergen
Elite Allergen Reduction Filter Ultimate Allergen
Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter Ultra Allergen
Ultra Allergen Reduction Filter Micro Allergen
Micro Allergen Reduction Filter Dust and Pollen Reduction
Dust and Pollen Reduction Filter Dust Reduction
Dust Reduction Filter
MPR Rating 2200 1900 1500 1000 600 300
Dust green check green check green check green check green check green check
Pollen green check green check green check green check green check green check
Dust Mite Debris green check green check green check green check green check
Lint green check green check green check green check green check
Pet Dander green check green check green check green check
Smoke & Smog green check green check green check green check
Bacteria green check green check green check green check
Particles Carrying Viruses green check green check green check
Particles Carrying Odors green check green check

89% (11)

Doggie On My Boo Boo Dot Round Pouch Now With Washable Covers

Doggie On My Boo Boo Dot Round Pouch Now With Washable Covers

New and Improved Boo Boo Dot Covers are washable and you can purchase them in any of the previous boo boo dots fabric of your choice (pick your number). Including the latest "Doggy on my Boo Boo Dot". New covers were made for the boo boos that may leave its wound mark behind. Take the boo boo dot out, take cover wash and dry than it just takes a little wiggle and jiggle and boo boo dot will feel nestled back in its home.

Great item to have at home for your little ones emergency boo boos. You can use them hot or cold just by placing in your microwave for 25-30 sec. you will have a warm boo boo round pouch for those aching muscles or leave it in your freezer and use for a bump or bruise even a mild headache will be more soothing with this cold boo boo dot round pouch. These are great gifts or e-z travel aids. Measures at 5 1/2" in length and approx 16" round. Rice filled.

Boo Boo dots themselves cannot be washed only the covers. If you would only like the boo boo dot refills please convo me and I will make a custom listing for you. visit my profiles for the link to other great handmade items:)

Devlin Medical CleanKey Washable Keyboard

Devlin Medical CleanKey Washable Keyboard

The Devlin Medical CleanKey washable infection control keyboard is designed for use in healthcare applications.

Fully sealed the keyboard can be easily cleaned at the point-of-use or removed for full immersion cleaning.

Keyboards are recognised as an area at high risk of harbouring germs and infection - regular cleaning will minimise this risk.

The keyboard features a unique key shape and spacing which maintains users ability to touch type but removes potential infection traps.


washable hvac filters

washable hvac filters

3M Filtrete Dust & Pollen Air Filters 12x20x1 (6-Pack)

3M's basic Filtrete filter. The MERV 8 efficiency is better than an average pleated filter, but not as good as Filtrete's Micro Allergen or Ultra Allergen models. The Model 600 utilizes a "pinch pleat" design, which does not have the rigid and more costly frame cross members that are standard on 3M's higher-end models. The "pinch pleat" design saves you money. Please note that these Filtrete filters measure approximately 0.3 inches smaller than the stated size in order to conform to industry standards.

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