Kids Internet Filter

kids internet filter

    internet filter
  • Content-control software, also known as censorware or web filtering software, is a term for software designed and optimized for controlling what content is permitted to a reader, especially when it is used to restrict material delivered over the Web.

  • (kid) pull the leg of: tell false information to for fun; "Are you pulling my leg?"

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  • Deceive or fool (someone)

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kids internet filter - eSafekids Parental

eSafekids Parental Control and Internet Monitoring Device

eSafekids Parental Control and Internet Monitoring Device

The eSafekids gateway is a Parental Control hardware device. It is a five-port network switch that plugs into your existing home router or DSL/Cable modem.

It blocks porn and adult website.

It monitors internet browsing of ALL computers at your home, wired and wireless, Windows and Mac.

It monitors online IM (Yahoo, MSN, AIM, etc)

It monitors online search keywords.

The beauty of the solution is that it just works -- it works on all computers on your network without having to load any software on any computer and without slowing down performance of your PCs.

It works right out of the box without having to perform any Parental Controls configuration. Just plug in the eSafekids gateway into your network, power it up, and register the device at eSafekids.com website.

From that point on, the parental controls eSafekids gateway starts blocking adult websites and tracking web usage (including popular instant message chats) from every computing device on your network from phones to gaming consoles to personal computers.

Always fully updated. eSafekids device is automatically updated with latest firmware and website database. You don't need to do anything. We keep your network clean so you can enjoy it instead of worry about it.

Monitor it at work, at home, at Starbucks, anywhere there is Internet! Just log onto eSafekids.com, and you can see what's going on at home

Monitors computers, iPads, Wiis, Xboxes, Playstations, and everything else on your network, wired or wireless.

Individual Computer Monitoring. All IM Chats, web-surf activities are accurately tracked to a particular computer at a particular time.

Your house, Your rules! User-defined black-list. Easily add websites you want to block such as images.google.com or youtube.com.

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Project365 176. It's Hard to Not Get Annoyed

Project365 176. It's Hard to Not Get Annoyed

I find it hard to beleive that Senator Conroy thinks that he can make the proposed Internet Filter work in Australia. Apparently it's to save the kids. There's only a few problems like it will punish those that haven't done anything wrong, they'll have to spend billions to actually be able to do it. Oh, and it will only filter the parts of the Internet where the baddies don't hang out. A great idea all round. Spend 43billion on a fancy new horse (the National Broadband Network - NBN) and then cut all it's legs off (the filter) with the hope that the horse wont contract something nasty. Recent news is that it looks like it's been put off for a couple of years. Can you spell election woes?

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

Happy Monday!

Yay, finally got my internet back - Time Warner had a widespread outage yesterday - mine was out for nearly 12 hours ~ which was a little frustrating, but when I think about all the folks back east without power, withstanding all of Irene's wrath ~ I'm not going to complain. I hope my flickr friends on the eastern seaboard are well and good to go..

There was a big splotch of muddy dirt in the foreground of the pic so I cloned some of the surrounding greenery over it to cover it up - wasn't pretty...

kids internet filter

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