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Nylon Syringe Filters

nylon syringe filters

    syringe filters
  • (Syringe filter) A syringe filter (sometimes called wheel filter due to its wheel-like shape) is a single-use filter cartridge. It is attached to the end of a syringe for use. Syringe filters may have Luer lock fittings, though not universally so.

  • (nylons) women's stockings made from a sheer material (nylon or rayon or silk)

  • A tough, lightweight, elastic synthetic polymer with a proteinlike chemical structure, able to be produced as filaments, sheets, or molded objects

  • a synthetic fabric

  • Fabric or yarn made from nylon fibers

  • a thermoplastic polyamide; a family of strong resilient synthetic fibers

  • Stockings or hose made of nylon

nylon syringe filters - Nalgene Syringe

Nalgene Syringe Filter, 25mm/0.2õm Nylon Membrane, Non-Sterile, Bulk Pack (Pack of 50)

Nalgene Syringe Filter, 25mm/0.2õm Nylon Membrane, Non-Sterile, Bulk Pack (Pack of 50)

This polypropylene syringe filter with a nylon membrane is useful for universal filtration of HPLC and GC solvents and DMSO, and is chemically-resistant to a wide range of solvents. Compatible with Zymark Benchmate Systems, the sample volume range is 10-50ml with a 0.2µm filter pore size. Pore size and membrane type are printed on the filter unit. The nylon filter is naturally hydrophilic with a low level of extractables. WARNING! All Nalgene Filterware is for research use only, not for in vitro diagnosis or parenteral. Non-sterile. Material: polypropylene housing with a nylon membrane. Membrane diameter: 25mm. Pore size: 0.2µm. Sample volume size: 10-50ml. Inlet: Female Luer Lok. Outlet: Male Luer slip. Bulk Packed. 50/Pack; Nalgene #: 196-2020.

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DSC 1938a

DSC 1938a

Hi everyone...
Here is my water drop setup.I think it is relatively self explanatory but I will do my best to explain what you are looking at. A black paint tray catches the drops. A post on a 3 legged base I scrounged from work when it wasn't needed anymore. On the top is a flash (SB80DX) that is being triggered by its built in optical slave. Below that is something else I got from work before it made it to the dumpster......a glass syringe with a nice adjustable valve on it to vary the drip stream. Below that, the gate sensor from HIVIZ that feeds into the circuit board to the right of the paint tray. The output of the circuit board triggers the snooted flash (SB25)that you can just see over the back of the rear plexiglass this flash doesn't have a slave so it is hardwired from the cct board. The back plexiglass is being held up by a couple of clamps and brackets. The top plexi is resting on the back piece and the photogate arm. The drops are shot in complete darkness on bulb with the flashes going off based on the photogate tripping them.
Besides the flashes and the stuff being thrown out from work, I spent $8 on the paint tray, $30 on the electronics and about $8 on stuff from Home Depot to hold it all together. I hope this helps others, but if you have any questions or especially suggestions, please leave them in the comments and I'll respond as soon as I see them.
Thanks for looking.

filters make you edgy

filters make you edgy

that big factory building on 7th and hill. theres a locker room on the second floor behind some stairs that are blocked by a whole lot of palettes. this rooms paint is literally peeling on every single corner of the wall, i havent really seen anything like it.

there was a broom and laura started sweeping it up haha. like there were syringes and king cobras laying around and laura felt the need to get rid of some of the paint and dust from a yard of the floor. that rocks.

ill go with a 5 filter next time for maximum coolness

nylon syringe filters

nylon syringe filters

Millipore SLGNX13NL Hydrophilic Nylon Millex-GN Syringe Filter Unit, Non-Sterile, 0.2m Pore Size, GN, 13mm Diameter, Purple (Pack of 100)

New overmolded design for higher operating pressures and faster filtration. Non-sterile millex filter units offer unsurpassed quality, consistency, and reliability of results to accelerate the filtration process. The overmolded housing design provides a more robust filter, with a maximum housing pressure of 150 psig (10 bar) enabling solutions to be filtered faster. The optimized housing design maintains 50% less hold volume than traditional 13mm filters to ensure maximum sample recovery. A variety of membranes and polypropylene housings ensure chemical compatibility with a range of samples and solvents. Nylon filters provide broad chemical compatibility for use with aqueous and organic solutions. The color-coded band on the Millex housing clearly indicates which membrane is inside. The 13mm Millex filter manufacturing process is fully automated from membrane cutting through device assembly and packaging to minimize the risk of contamination and meet pharmaceutical standards. Device Material: Polypropylene.

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